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steven says on twitter, it's okay to be scared, just be
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scared in the right lane. thanks for watching. >> shepard: and pass you in the left lane. >> in the middleline and the truck is in front of me and i get scared trying to get around it and it get caught. don't get me started on the chitty chitty bang bang. >> shepard: this is my fault. thanks, mom, see you later. the catholic church is now officially popeless. benedict xvi boarded a helicopter and flew into retirement. details on his legacy and what is next for the catholic church. the dow flirting with an all-time high, up 36. and a slew of positive economic reports. when they tell you it's all horrible, tell them they are wrong. that's coming up. plus, look at that. the murder trial against a woman who stabbed her ex-boyfriend 27 times, shot him and slit his throat. takes another raunchy turn.
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it's all ahead, unless breaking news changes everything. on studio b. >> shepard: first, at 3:00 in new york city, a historic day for the catholic church. today pope benedict xvi stepped down and for catholics around the world, there's no pope. the pope left the vatican for the last time as the holy father, to huge round of applause. the helicopter took the pope to his traditional summer home 15 minutes southeast of the vatican. that building dates to the 1600s, it's not a bad retirement home. historians say in the days of world war ii, then o'pious the xii idea it to shelter soldiers. ben did is set to return to rome
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later this year, but by then it's expected he will live alongside the new pope and benedict will take the new title, pope emeritus. today he tried to quiet any suspicions he might butt head with the next church's leader. the pope promised he would unconditionally obi the new hoe he -- holy father and he hopes the conditional of cardinals will operate, quote, like an orchestra, where diversity and expression of universal church always works toward a higher and harmonious agreement. >> shepard: an hour ago now the pope's resignation took effect officially. when the swiss guard closed the door and went off duty. benedict is the first pope to resign, and as i'm sure you know by now, in some 600 years. amy kellogg is live in rome.
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>> shepard: we now have a situation known as the empty seat. so the call officially goes out to all those cardinals to get ready to elect a successor. they have already been thinking about that before pope benedict xvi, now pope emeritus, left the vatican today. he will spend his final in prayer, and probably in intellectual pursuits. his mind reportedly is crisp and his past library will be transferred to what is ultimately his. home. and can enjoy fantastic gardens, fish guards, and cats, which he loves, and there's said to be a billiards room there, but said not to be of interest to the pontiff. and hoping to spend time playing piano and the last few weeks he
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has looked very relieved. those close to him said he already felt the sense of a weight being lifted from his shoulders. he put out his last tweet just before he left the vatan today, and it said to his followers: thank you for all your love and support. may you always find the joy involved in having christ at the center of your lives. >> shepard: amy kellogg, live in the shadow of the vat cap. benedict xvi had are reputation for being more consived than john paul 2nd. many say he is more scholarly. and sought to return the church to its roots and left a church reeling with sex scandals and declipping numbers. what else are experts saying about the legacy? >> well, he led the catholic church, of course, for seven years, ten months, and nine
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days, in total. a not insignificant time. experts all say he will be seen as a transitional rather than a transformational pope. that is not to say some of his actions weren't significant, though. for instance, they say that his outreach to the muslim world, including visiting the blue mosque in turkey, was a very significant action, and, according to greg tobin, he was the first pope to truly face up to see sex abuse scandal. listen. >> he will bled as someone who did more than anyone else before him, that's foresheet. john paul ii left a legacy of inaction and avoidance, and benedict faced it head on and before he became pope he was aware of many of these cases, and he also engaged in a personal outreach to victims in a way that no one has -- very
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few bishops in the world have done. reporter: ironically in a sense what the experts say this pope will most be remembered for is the way that he left the office. resigning. the first time it's happened in 600 years. >> shepard: you mentioned transitional. i remember when he was inaugurated. that's the same thing they were saying about him, because of his age. whoever the new pope is, man, the challenges ahead are incredible. >> a lot of challenges, and experts say the sex abuse scandal is something the next pope will have to deal with. there's also those internal divisions. the vatican said to be ridden with them, and pope benedict did not do much. he was not a good administrator, and the new pope, according to mr. tobin, will have to prove the church is arrest around the globe. >> there are within the church around the world people who don't really invest much faith
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in the authority of the pope, for whatever reason, and there are many different reasons. so, this pope will be faced with addressing and engaging those people and perhaps restoring or trying to restore the authority of the papal office. >> it's a big job, which is exactly why pope benedict felt he was no longer capable of carrying it out. >> shepard: that's what we are told. thanks very much. joining us no the director of catholic voices u.s.a. also an torn, focusing on religious liberty, including its role in health care. good to see you. >> great to be here. >> it's this feeling of not in mourning as we bring in an all new thing. >> it's a whole new thing. usually this happens after a pope has tied and that's a somber occasion. this time what you see in the roman people, waving flags flagd people waving at the helicopter, great affection and gratitude the roman people and catholics
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around the world have for benedict? >> shepard: really, the roman people? i know a lot of italians. they don't talk about a lot of affection for benedict. they didn't talk about a lot of. affection for cardinal inninger. not that there's any dislike. about affection? i haven't heard that. >> look at the images we have seen over the past few days, of crowds, crowds in st. peter's square, and the flags waving, and at the end of the derrick benedict was a bishop of rome and this is michigan of very close to people, very close to italian around the world. i know we certainly feel affection for benedict. >> shepard: all right. well, as we move forward here, i don't know who the next pope is going to be. nobody nose yet. whoever it is has a lot of work to do. it's been widely reported, and it's true, that this pope faced up to some of the crises, but they're still sheltering men who
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abused young boys and just shifted them around, and if that doesn't change this church is in trouble. >> i think that's absolutely right and everybody sees that reforms need to continue. benedict was wonderful at initiating reforms. over the last ten years we have seen a great many advances, especially in the church in the united states, but certainly reforms need to continue. the real story is the excitement you see month young people for the church. at the end of the day it's about goodness and truth and beauty, and the church has 0 the courage to stand for those things in the face of an often isolating and confusing world. >> shepard: can the church in rome handle a black orlet continue pope? >> absolutely. thick we're definitely ready for it. it's almost jarring to hear put in those terms because the church is growing by leaps and bounds in the global south. we're calling not somebody from a particular place or race. we're talling for someone who is an apostle for jesus christ, who lives our faith. that's what people are looking
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for,. >> shepard: great see you. the guy in charge of safety at bp says the systems that allowed an explosion that killed 121 -- 11 people were not an absolute failure. so how did the worst environmental disaster in american history happen? the latest from the trial is next. many you heard about the lawsuit against anheuser busch. somebody claiming the brewery was watering down its beer. guess what? the test results are in, and we'll bring them to you. iving d, and i have a massive heart attack right in my driveway. the doctor put me on a bayer aspirin regimen. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. go talk to your doctor. you're not indestructible anymore.
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there's no subtext... just tacos. yeah, it's our job to make you want it. but honestly... it's not that hard. old el paso. when you gotta have mexican. >> shepard: an expert witness testified bp misrepresented information to regulators and drilled in dangerous conditions head of the deadly gulf oil disaster. government lawyers claim bp's wilful misconduct sparked the
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worst american oil disaster in history. bp argued other companies that worked on the rig made critical mistakes. bp pled guilty to criminal charges including manslaughter. is faced a close to $25 billion in claims and cleanup costs-but if it sounds negligent or grossly negligent, bp could be on the hook for many billions more. bp's attorneys argue they should not shoulder the blame alone. casey is live outside the courthouse. some interesting testimony from bp's top safety officer. reporter: yes. a guy named mark bly, who led bp's internal investigation, team of 50 people, mostly bp employees, by the way, who penned much -- pinned much of the blame on the contractors. bley -- bly was then promoted to executive vice-president of safety and operational risk.
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attorneys for the plaintiffs arguing his team's report was incomplete, essentially a whitewash. bly himself admitting the investigation did not analyze if potential cost-cutting contributed to the deadly blast. he said they did not take into account the well was over budget and behind schedule, as we have heard other expert witnesses assert. on the stand earlier blue saying, i'm quoting, obviously there was a terrible tragedy. i completely see that. but that doesn't mean the management system we were using was an absolute failure. you can decide for yourself, shepard. >> the good money was on the prospect of this thing settling and a lot said by tomorrow. what's the thinking there? reporter: court is in recess tomorrow. it's going to be that way eave friday. the judge set the schedule. only hearing testimony monday through thursday, and really at this point the final day of proceedings this week, alet of
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people are breaking down how the first week went. a lot of legal analysts. bp's lawyers this week objected a lot over the last four days to questions, various statements and witnesses, and u.s. district judge had overruled most of them and has noted several times, let's keep this thing moving. the judge clearly not playing around. and now a lot of legal experts are reading that he is already a little aggravate with the defendants. of course we do not know that as a fact, but if that is in fact a case, it makes a settlement more attractive to bp. so it's still in the realm of possibility this week. the alabama attorney general who has been in court this week, has even said that things keep getting worse for the oil giant, shep. we'll have to weighed and see. >> shepard: thank you for your eyes there, casey. appreciate it. jodi arias, she already admitted she shot her ex-boyfriend, stabbed him dozens of times and
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>> shepard: just keeps getting thicker in a courtroom in arizona. a woman admits she brutally killed her ex-boyfriend, breaks down in tearses on the stand today while acknowledging what she did. shooting and stabbing him over and over again, and slitting his throat. jodi arias has changed her story a number of times. first she played innocent and claimed she wasn't even there. then she said it was masked intruders who broke into alexander's home and murdered him. finally the truth came out. we think, and arias said she did kill him. but she maintains it was
12:23 pm
self-defense, claiming the boyfriend 'attacked her after she dropped his camera in the bathroom. she says she doesn't remember stabbing him over and over again. so today, when the prosecutor showed jody arias the pictures of the bloody crime scene it was apparently too much for even her to bear. >> ma'am, were you crying when you were shooting him? >> i don't remember. >> were you crying when you were stabbing him? >> i don't remember. >> how about when you cut his throat? were you crying then? >> i don't know. >> take a look, ma'am. you're the one that did this. right? >> yes. >> and you're the same individual that lied about all this. right? >> yes. >> take a look at it.
12:24 pm
>> let's take the nunneries recess at this time. >> shepard: they did. what remains remains to be scene jurors believe those are the tiers a victim or a cold-blooded killer. adam is here this afternoon. adam, this was the most emotional, at least appearing, that we have seen her. reporter: a good way of putting it. as she appears to cry you don't see any tears on her face. the prosecutor getting her to back down. the last few days have been tedious, going over everything from the color or her car to he meaning of a word. but today there there were to important points, the one you shed and what the prosecutor asked her, travis had one foot
12:25 pm
in the shower, one foot out of the shower, and body slammed her, and that's one of the accounts. and also this interaction. take a listen. >> ma'am, you're telephoning us this individual that is standing, that is in really good shape, that is really angry, and you're rung down the hallway, you're telling us he can't catch you. right? >> that's not what i'm saying. >> well, you're saying he didn't catch you. you're saying he didn't catch you. right? >> no. >> he didn't catch you here, right? >> no. >> he didn't catch you here, right? >> no. >> he is running after you, though, is what you did tell us. right? >> i didn't look behind me, but i assume. reporter: the property trying to poke holes in her story. we know she admit italy has lied about everything until her time on the stand. now she is telling the truth. >> shepard: they took the break just as prosecutors were getting
12:26 pm
into the meat of it all. right? reporter: yeah. everybody has been waiting for the detailsle we have had the saucy details and the tedious bickering, but this is how everyone is waiting for. how she can explain the fact she killed travis alexander and says she did it in self-defense when all the other details don't point to that. and that's where the prosecutor is at now. you saw her break down and they took the break. that break will end shortly, and you know as soon as it starts up again he will make her look at the photos and see if he can break her down even more. >> shepard: adam houseley in los angeles, thanks. let's talk to a lawyer about it. arthur, sometimes the poor -- yesterday he had a moment where she said, i lied to everybody. he kind of missed it. he -- what do you think? >> i think -- i try not to criticize people. i really do because i'm not there. i wouldn't have taken that
12:27 pm
tactic. he is asking these people, first to convict her and then kill her, right? what he just did, the 59 seconds you just showed shepship sortenned -- shiftenned her up. something to be pitied, this woman who doesn't remember 27 stab wounds. >> while he was attack herring when she was crying, case, the prosecutor cross examined the defendant. that's the tact he took, and they did not come back with the top killer. they came back with the lower count. the guy is still in jail for 40 years but not life without parole. so it was moral victory for the defense. >> shepard: for somebody who has been up there 134 days, how she is doing? >> got to be a basket case emotionally and mentally. ask the question, look at the jury, ask the question, look at the jury.
12:28 pm
almost like she is a robot. but she has one job, crawl into someone's heart. crawl into two people's hearts and save a life and she'll live a life in jail. he has a long life ahead of her. that's it. it would be a miscarriage of justice if she gets acquitted. she did not lay out a case for self-defense. self-defenses is, my boyfriend beat me on a regular basis. not, we had raunchy sex and i didn't want to have raunchy sex, and now she admitted she likes the raunchy sex. that's not self-defense. you have to be in fear you're about to die. she never expressed that. >> even had she been in fear she was about to die, wasn't a gunshot or two and, i don't know, 10 or 12 stabs be enough? >> probably the first stab. correct. once the threat is over you have to stop. so whether the first stab or the second stab. then you go bee the legal thing of emotional distress.
12:29 pm
so maybe she is not guilty of self-defense, but now you're guiltiy of the less are included charge of manslaughter, which means instead of life, you're only doing 20 years in jail. >> thank you, sir. just in to fox news. the senate voting on not one but two bills to prevent those major spending cuts from taking effect. one bill from the democrats, one from the republicans. both votes have failed. we're knot now just one day away from the deadline and both sides of the aisle have come out swinging. washington being washington. some day, history will reflect that mike emanuel was on capitol hill. >> neither plan had a shot. the republican plan would have given president obama and agency head more flexibility to keep money going to top priority issues and taking money away from lesser programs, but top democrats didn't like the plan because they didn't like keeping all of the spending reductions.
12:30 pm
>> we're open to any reasonable approach. yes. but remember, we cannot solve the problems of this country with cuts, cuts, cuts. we've cut $2.6 trillion. we need to do more. but we're going to do it with -- in balanced approach. we cannot continue to hurt the middle class and the poor. >> so the republican plan failed first. then the democrats had their own plan. it would have included new tax revenue, which republicans didn't like. this plan really took a beating when the congressional budget office, nonpartisan last night, said it would actually contribute $7.2 billion to the deficit. bottom line, the senate republican leader says it just didn't work. >> not only would their legislation fail to fix the spending problem facing our country, it would actually add billions more to the deficit. in other words, it isn't a plan at all. it's a gimmick.
12:31 pm
top democrats already concede it will never garner enough votes to pass the very legislative body they control. much less the house. reporter: so here we are. just gotten a vote saying there are no more votes in the senate for this week. so lawmakers are going to head home. sequester will be authorized sometime tomorrow, and then palestine, if the country freaks out because of the spending rucks, then there will be pressure to do something about them. if the country gets up and goes to work on monday morning and everything is fine, well then the republicans will say, see, we can afford to cut. shep? >> shepard: nobody is saying we can't afford it. what seems to bell the consensus is dumb. mike, the pentagon has said, just as one example -- you can look up as many as you want. one example, the pentagon wants to cut an enormous program. it doesn't need it. this does not allow them to cut it. but the pentagon says we don't need cuts over here where you
12:32 pm
are cutting. could we just fix this? the answer is no. mike, that's dumb. why is everybody on capitol hill so dumb? reporter: actually, the republican plan would have given president obama a democratic president, more flexibility, but then there's also the question if, if you give up the power of the purse to the white house, then congress loses a lot of power, so there's a lot of dynamics at work here. you are correct, there are lot of ways you can do this a lot more surgically, and that's something hey have been talking about but have not taken action so far. >> shepard: the other side talks about more revenue, more revenue. really what that is it a closing of loopholes, and you put the public, there are loopholes out there, for instance, that make it such that many corporations based in the town within blocks of the spot where i'm sitting at this moment, pay less in taxes last year than mike emanuel did. it seems to be consensus that's
12:33 pm
wrong. it seems to be consensus that ought to be fixed. but those companies have a lot of money, lobbying those people on capitol hill and can't get it fixes. once again they're not working for us, and that's abundantly clear, mike. reporter: well, that is correct. a lot of people do think the system is broken, and one reason they don't want to close loopholes, just to give you devil's advocate, they're saying essentially if you close the tax loopholes, takes away incentives to fix the program to do overall tax reform. so, in other words, take away the loopholes that pay higher income people take advantage of, but the tradeoff would be trying to lower rates for everybody, and so if you give away the loopholes now, you're not going to be able to lower rates later. >> shepard: got it. mike, thanks. so washington again has done nothing. the plan to save they organized themselves to fail, is coming. thanks, washington. yet again, nice of you.
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>> shepard: the army private charged in the biggest leak of classified material in american history today plead guilty to some charges against him. a big turn for private first class bradley manning to charges he transferred government secrets to wikileaks. the private manning also pleaded not guilty to more than a dozen serious charges. including an espionage for
12:38 pm
aiding the enemy. if convicted he could face a life sentence. private manning's plea comes more than 1,000 days after his arrest. last month a military judge awarded manning nearly four months off any sentence, ruling the military illegally punished him with harsh conditions at a marine corps brig. trace, we heard a lot here but we hear from bradley mapping in court today. reporter: yeah, we finally heard why he says he did it. he thought the documents would be embarrassing to the united states but not damaging because he didn't think there was anything that was necessarily sensitive in these documents. he went on to tell the judge here, quoting, i believe if the general public, especially the american public had access to the information, this could spark a domestic debate on the role of the military and our foreign policy in general. manning also said he first tried to fifth this information to the "new york times" as well as the "washington post" but they
12:39 pm
weren't interested. tried the web site politico but bad weather stopped that. and wikileaks is the one that published these documents in the end, shep. >> shepard: even if the judge accepts this guilty plea, this trial is still going on. reporter: yeah. unless the government decides that 20 years, which would be the penalty, is enough and they choose not to go forwardful this is something they call, a naked plea, which means the prosecution had nothing to do with this. so not only can the prosecution try him this june, they can also use his entire 35 page statement today against him. we talked a former jag attorney earlier who says he believes the military will seek full justice. >> be very prizees if she government said, thank you for leading guilty, we'll withdraw this aiding the enemy charge.
12:40 pm
that would be unusual. this is more a defense tactic to prepare and win at trial on the more serious charges. reporter: they're in recess right now. we believe the judge will either reject or accept his plea sometime later on today. >> shepard: trace, thank you. well, take a look at the bigboard, would you? the dow near record territory amid a flurry of good economic news. up 35 on today's session so far. the number of americans seeking jobless benefits fell 22,000 last week. to a seasonally justed number of 344,000. that is concrete evidence the job market is picking up. new home sales jumped 16% last month to their highest level in four and a half years. the u.s. economy grew at a .1% annual rate in the fourth quarter. that is only slightly better than the commerce department's previous estimate that the economy shrank, but better that shrinking and it's the weakest
12:41 pm
performance in nearly two years. mike is a certainly columnist for yahoo finances. some mixed stuff here but housing is better, jobs are better. thing are better. >> and markets are reflect that even before this dat a a. we doubled in four years while many people were not watching the market. yes, things are better. the fourth quarter was a stall or stutter step but more recently, when now look at things the market cares about, corporate profited and future outlook for magic looks okay. >> shepard: you look at the market, it's way ahead of all the indicators some sometimes makes people go, hmm. >> it's ahead on a short-term basis. definitely up 15% since mid-november or so. that's a big move in a short period of time. definitely should kind of backfill or stall out or who knows what if we don't get this
12:42 pm
idea that things are better, then it will back off. >> shepard: you say it will. >> on a shirt-term basis it's due because out of that. not because of the government spending cuts. that's just one thing that could set the market up for a little disappointment. the consumer has struggled in the first part of this year, obviously with the payroll tax coming back, and smell tax refunds, wal-mart had a hard time, having sales grow this year. that's one of the areas, and gasoline prices going up. so it's a push-pull and the market is look only the bright side. >> shepard: corporations are making are more money than they ever made but they're not hiring because they don't have to the government was spending and hiring. now that stops. historically speaking, without exception, that's a recipe for disaster. if the government backs off while the private sector is not expanding, that's trouble. self-created, self-inflicted trouble. >> that's the second piece of that in terms of corporations not hiring. is the piece that actually might
12:43 pm
be changing for the better right now. you have had the situation where companies' labor costs are lower than they have ever been relative to profits. so that means they've cut probably as much as they can cut and if they think the economy is going to grow globally and are confident on the outlook of the year hiring should pick up a little bit. when you talk about what the government its doing-the-past couple of years we have already had a drag of shrinking government on the state and local side in 2010, 2011, that was like a half percent drag on the gdp growth. so there's offsets that makes what the federal government doing a little bit less detrimental. >> shepard: lawmakers looking for answer or droning before they install a new boss cia. officials saying they'll send help to the rebels in syria.
12:44 pm
on and on. what kind of help? we now have the new numbers from the new secretary of state. lobsterfest is the king of all promotions.
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>> shepard: for the first time since the syrian government started murdering tens of thousands of its own men, women and kids, the americans promised direct aid to the rebels. the the secretary of state john kerry announced the support the soon of $16 million. and a gathering of world leaders in rome aligned with the opposition. the united states has given $385 million in humanitarian aid to the people. the new aid will allow the rebels to put pressure on the syrian president assad. secretary kerry called out iran. >> the united states' decision to take further steps now is the
12:48 pm
result of the continued brutality of a superior armed force. propped up by foreign fighters, from iran, and hezbollah. >> shepard: the united nations estimates the civil war has led the deaths of well more than 70,000 people. the u.s. senate will not vote on president obama's pick to head up the cia, not until next week. the white house is facing new bipartisan support on the drone program. rand paul says he will work to block in the nomination of john brennan until the white house explains its policy on potentially droning people inside the united states. during his confirmation hearing this month, brennan said the white house had no intention of conduct those targeted killings, at least not on american soil.
12:49 pm
katherine is live for us in washington this afternoon. katherine, what else are we hearing from the lawmakers opposed to this drone thing? >> the questioning of the obama administration's drone policy and whether it's consistent with the u.s. constitution is clearly bipartisan. listen to this hearing in the house. >> the american people deserve to know and understand the legal basis under which the obama administration believes it can kill u.s. citizens and under what circumstances. >> it is not clear that congress intended to sanction legal force against a loosely defined enemy in an indefinite conflict. >> there are a total of 11 drone memos. seven never provided to congress, and of the four that have it's only happened on a limited basis. >> shepard: civil libertarians say this could stan in the way of john brennan's nomination. >> the vote has bee back two and a half weeks over a handful of issues, including
12:50 pm
benghazi and the drone, and the aclu telling fox the drone memos are a big deal, potentially affecting the president's pick to run the cia. >> this is a big problem for the white house because there's a very basic bipartisan push now for these memos. the senate intelligence committee is going to try to have a vote on the brennan nomination. we'll see if that happens. if it doesn't happen it's a big signal the nomination is in trouble, largely of this issue. >> there's no immediate comment from democratic senator wii den, a critic of the drone campaign, and mark udall, on the senate commit yeah. he told fox that he, quote, continues to urge the administration to make available any and all additional legal opinions that per tape the targeting of american citizens prior to any commitee vote elm we asked the national security council spokesman for a comment
12:51 pm
he told the ap the administration wag working on and the there were no promises that more documents were coming. >> shepard: thanks, katherine. >> you're welcome. >> shepard: spring training time. rather be in arizona or florida? florida recognizes there's big money in spring training trainis a new plan to try to keep baseball and the humidity not in the desert. the boys of summer in spring. that's coming. [ male announcer ] this is anna, her long day teaching the perfect swing begins with back pain and a choice. take advil, and maybe have to take up to four in a day. or take aleve, which can relieve pain all day with just two pills. good eye. you don't decide when vegetables reach the peak of perfection. the vegetables do. at green giant, we pk vegetables only when they're perfect. then freeze them fast so they're are as nutritious as fresh. [ green giant ] ho ho ho. ♪ green giant
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>> shepard: just a month to go until the boys of summer get back in action in the big parks across the country, but it's small park time. spring training is in full swing and in florida it has become lucrative so lucrative that towns are fighting to keep teams from moving to arizona. an independent study indicates
12:55 pm
the so-calledupfruit league brings in $750 million a area to the state. in arizona, the cactus league drums up 420 million. big bucks. six teams have moved west from florida, and in the sunshine state they're doing everything they can to stop that migration. forthmeyers is a spring training mecca. steve is on the road. >> these little stadiums are works of art. they have come a long way from wooden grabbed stands in the middle of nowhere to $80 million a year theme parks. these are things that cities in florida and different states are battling over, all to get a bigger share of what has become a very big business. >> it began as a farm for baseball players. 125 years later the drills are the same but the business model has changed. >> six week office commerce means they're going to make a
12:56 pm
lot ofman. >> a billion dollar a year industry with fans coming to florida from across the nation. >> great park. >> paying for something not easy to find today. intimacy in professional sports. >> dad took us when we we are young ask i'm bringing him now. >> lee county is the home the boston red sox and the minnesota twins. government studies estimate fans spend $50 million a year in the local economy. >> souvenir. programs! >> no surprise, there's a wider competition for towns hoping to host a major league team. >> there are more communities that want to host spring training than there are major league baseball teams the teams can ask for the moon and there's going to be a community that gives it to them. >> this county just approved $40 million to upgrade the stadium. some features will include a dormitory for 50 players and coaches. they want to hold on 0 to the twins for the next 30 years.
12:57 pm
>> shepard: stave hair began. great assignment. a breaking news update on the class action lawsuit against the bakers of budweiser. they're secretly watering down the king of beer? there's a new report that some lab tests may settle this issue once and for all. the results are in and they're next. a reverse mortgage. [ male announcer ] call right now to receive your free dvd and booklet with no obligation. it answers questions like how a reverse mortgage works, how much you qualify for, the ways to receive your money, and more. plus, when you call now, you'll get this magnifier with l.e.d. light absolutely free. when you call the experts at one reverse mortgage today, you'll learn the benefits of a government-insured reverse mortgage. it will eliminate your monthly mortgage payments and give you tax-free cash from the equity in your home.
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